Based in Kochi, Japan
Sculptor and a conservator-restorer specializing in Buddhist statuary


■ 1995-2001 IWAMATSU WORKSHOP for making Buddhist statues
    Sculpted Masters (for Kawasaki Daishi  Heikenji Temple in Kanagawa)
    Worked at 「美術院 国宝修理所*」for six months in Kyoto

■ 2001-2016 STUDIO MEIKODO for making and restoring Buddhist statues
    Made a replica of Yakushi-nyorai  (for Naritasan Shinsyoji temple in Chiba)
    Sculpted a Daikyu-Syonen  (for Engakuji temple in Kanagawa)
    Sculpted a Fudo Myo-o and an Aizen Myo-o (for Keisyoji temple in Hokkaido) 

    2016 Exhibition「手の中の仏たち」 at Lucite-gallery in Tokyo, Japan
    2017 Exhibition「慈しみ宿す木々」 at FAUST GALLARY in Kochi, Japan
    2018 Restored the Standing Vaisravana  (for Chikurinji temple in Kochi)
    2019 Sculpted a KAKEBOTOKE  (for Chikurinji temple in Kochi)

*美術院 国宝修理所(Bijitsuin Kokuho syurijo) is an atelier to restore national treasures of The Japan Art Institute.
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